Leading the Way in Environmental Practices

We believe that corporations have a responsibility to protect the environment and provide a safe workplace. At Attis Ethanol, these are top priorities. It's why we are industry leaders when it comes to environmental practices, and have excellent safety performance records across the company. Most of all, we are committed to continuous improvement in both of these areas.

We Put Safety First

The safety of our employees and contractors is a core company value. We strive to achieve the highest level of safety performance each year by focusing on:

  • Safety Leadership –
    All contractors and employees must understand their individual role in our safety program and are held accountable to work safely every day.

  • Hazard Recognition –
    Through the use of Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), potential hazards can be recognized and prevented at each work site.

  • Safety Training –
    Training modules help to ensure our employees and contractors understand the safety requirements and retain the knowledge necessary to help them work safe.

  • Commitment –
    Employees and management are key to achieving positive safety performance. All Attis employees are expected, and encouraged, to take the initiative to either help resolve an issue, correct the situation, or notify appropriate personnel so the issue can be resolved.


Attis's success has always been built on a foundation of safe, reliable and environmentally sound operations. Delivering excellence in health, safety and environmental performance continues to be a core value and top priority. To achieve this goal, we welcome input on safe operations from employees, industry groups, government agencies, and other stakeholders. These groups are our partners in creating a culture of safety throughout our organization.