distiller grainEvery 56-pound bushel of corn processed by the Attis Ethanol plant generates 2.7 gallons of ethanol, but you probably didn't know that from that same bushel of corn the Attis Ethanol plant produces critical by-products, like 17 pounds of animal feed – called Dried Distiller Grains (DDGs) – that are beneficial to the regional, even worldwide, feed market.

Distillers grains continue to be the industry's best kept secret, despite the fact that today ethanol plants across the country are producing tremendous volumes of this high value feed product.

DDGs significantly reduce the need for corn and soybean meal in animal feed rations. In fact, over the past several years, distillers grains have been one of the most economically competitive sources of energy and protein available on the world feed market. Nearly 25 percent of U.S. ethanol feed output is exported to countries around the world to feed livestock and poultry.

One of the reasons one ton of DDGs can reduce or replace conventional feed is that its energy and protein content are concentrated. Only the starch portion of the corn kernel is converted to ethanol, while the protein, fat, fiber and other components are concentrated and passed through the process to the distillers grains.